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Comic 173 - The Escape! - Pt. 11

The Escape! - Pt. 11
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21st Jun 2020, 8:39 AM
He can speak, he chose not to for some reason tho. What, you expected me to explain why he doesn't speak now. You'll find out eventually.


Clearly you just can't grasp at just how much dialogue they actually have. He does speak, is speaking, although I figure you forget the real reason as to his 'silence', I mean like 1000 + comics can be hard to keep track.

Not as much as Silent-Dee, By the stars, you can barely see the visuals anytime Silent-Dee decides to 'talk'. But we are long long long long long long long long way from getting to that point anytime in the near future.

Joking Aside and clear references to what you're foreshadowing will occur as continue re-upload this massive comic of the Doo's. I have the KDA Character Page Screenshot. It may have few additions absent potentially and is nothing more than an picture, but I do have it.

22nd Jun 2020, 10:25 PM edit delete reply

Actually it's 2000+ comics. Also, yeah he doesn't talk as much as Silent-Dee (thank the Doo). Also also, about the character page, as easy as it would be to just use the same one the Doo used, I want to try my hand at creating it. specifically the sprite modals. The dialogue I think I might have to guess and interpret.

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